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I have removed all spam posts and users again.
I really have to think about something to fight this because apparently reCAPTCHA is not enough.

The registration is also disabled now. I'll reopen it in a couple of days again.

You can see the views here:

flask has more ways to register routes. We decided to use the above approach which we thought works best with our plugin architecture

While it is recommended to install the dependencies inside a virtualenv you can also install them system wide on Windows.

I have no experience in developing FlaskBB on Windows, sorry.

Could you elaborate a bit more on which steps you tried for installing FlaskBB?

demo999 wrote:

its not possible. the www is open to everybody.

Thats simply not true.

Just go to the management panel --> forums tab --> and select the groups you like to have access to the forum.

Nah, because on a site I was frequenting a lot before I made FlaskBB they had a feature called 'Topic Tracker' and the name stuck with me.

Thank you!
Try these steps:

  1. Go to Management
  2. Go to Plugins panel

Hope this helps!

Hey, not a bot! πŸ˜…

@ctrl yeah I already saw your message and made you a language coordinate.

Hey @ctrl,

yes I'd appreciate any help!

You usually translate the language strings on transifex and I'll pull in the languages to the source repository of FlaskBB from time to time (which, I haven't done in quite some time when I think about it..).

If you tell me you username (you can PM it to me) I could add you as the language coordinator (translate, review and manage the language team) of the german language.

Regarding the spam on the forums, I know it's really annoying and I am usually visiting the forums on a daily basis as well. I haven't found a way to prevent those spam posts yet even though I have activated the reCAPTCHA and account activation feature.


check out the Flask Mega-Tutorial by Miguel Grinberg here: https://blog.miguelgrinberg.com/post/the-flask-mega-tutorial-part-i-hello-world
In my opinion it is one of the best resources to get to know Flask.

Thanks, you too!

What is the question? Was ist die frage?

Actually, I have been inspired by FluxBB and MyBB ;)

Thanks for the kind words! ☺️

Hey, welcome on board πŸ™‚ πŸ‘‹!

The Purge is complete -- over 1000 user accounts were deleted.

PS: I am sorry if I deleted a non spam/bot account.


I'll be deleting all accounts with less than 1 post in the next couple of days.
Most of these accounts are spam accounts.

Thanks for the info!

btw, you could also create your own "wsgi.py" file and point your configuration to it.


sorry for the confusion but the landing page (flaskbb.org/*) are just a couple of static pages -- and the forum (forums.flaskbb.org) is running FlaskBB.

The code for the flaskbb website is here: https://github.com/flaskbb/flaskbb-website

shing wrote:

translates as: "Have a test"


Hehe. I really have to implement the ability to change topic titles again..