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kernel365 wrote:

print "why python 2.7"

print("works with python3 too")


what do you think about the new default theme?

I am not a designer and thus not so good with color schemes and how to design some parts but I think it turned out quite good. 😄
If you have any suggestions or improvements feel free to leave them here or open a new pull request.

Feel free to open a pull request with the corrected version :)

I am not a native speaker so mistakes like this might happen..

Thanks! Glad you like it.

Why should Postgres be an overkill?

I actually prefer postgres over MariaDB/MySQL.

But of course you can use MariaDB as the database engine for FlaskBB and you won't even feel difference.
You just have to adjust the database settings in the config file. (if you do so, could you post the config here so that i can add it to the docs?)

Hope this helps a bit.


FlaskBB is now (and only) accessible via HTTPS.

test1234 wrote:

enter image description here

i have seen this picture on reddit today :D

I just updated the theme. All the critical parts should be covered now.

Em0420 wrote:

This is a test to see if this is trustworthy :)

not finished yet though..

If you want to have a first look at the new theme (it's not finished yet) switch to the "Aurora" theme here. Currently just the index, category and forum view are designed.

You can also login with the demo user if you want. The password is demo.

omg it's 🔒 😱.

Yo. ⭐️

Have fun with your new FlaskBB Forum!