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starkana wrote:

Just tried adding my avatar url but it tells me PNGs aren't allowed then lists it in the allowed formats:

enter image description here

Without the image it's hard to debug. Have you tried a different png image?

Sizzor wrote:

Hello, it is a beginner question ,but how could it be done to get a newsletter notification popup working on page? Like there: https://zoptamo.com/uk/s-speedway-c-uk pop-up with form to fill on just one click. It is scripted, coded or what?

I am not sure how this is related to FlaskBB?

jtl wrote:

sh4nks wrote:

I have finally figured out a bug which prevent anyone to login 🙈

That's a pretty epic fail :P

I'd say that bugs happen when you code - and actually I wasn't even the one who introduced it.

I have finally figured out a bug which prevent anyone to login 🙈


Nope, a upload function is not available in FlaskBB but I am sure it's possible to implement this as a plugin if someone needs it.

Sorry for the spam lately. I have reactivated the registration captcha again which should prevent all this spam.

pitymaia wrote:

Ohhhhh!!! Thanks very much!
This solution is working beautifull here! I see the forum up for the first time and is fantastic.
I will put this online soon for a good project and this is the perfect tool for it.

Thanks for you time to help me with this.

Glad I could help :)



gunicorn -w 4 wsgi:flaskbb -b --log-file logs/gunicorn.log --reload -D

I stop gunicorn like this:
killall gunicorn
but checkout the gunicorn docs for more options on how to run gunicorn!

and replace the location @flaskbb part with this one:

location @flaskbb {
        proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-For $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for;
        proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-Proto $scheme;
        proxy_set_header Host $http_host;
        proxy_redirect off;
        proxy_buffering off;


I don't want to give nginx support here but you should symlink all the sites you want to have enabled to sites-enabled. The asterisk operator (*) tells nginx that he should include/enable all files in sites-enabled.
btw, shouldn't your server_name be the name of your domain where you want to run flaskbb on?

Actually, at the moment I am using gunicorn for these forums here - it so much easier to use. I'll post my start script as soon as I have access to a computer ;)

Looks like its an uwsgi issue. Could you post the log from uwsgi?

Its not a bug :) I just couldn't come up with an idea how to put all the information on the mobile screen, so I just hide it on mobile screens that are smaller than 768px.

I like this idea! We probably could reach our goal faster if we make a 'counting topic' (i.e. a endless counting thread) :)

Anyway, yesterday I had a Bratwurst (sausage) with potato salad. I am not sure yet what I'll have for lunch today but I'll for sure post it here :D

... and for some reason the datetime migrations didn't work correctly which is why the forums can be unread sometimes and various other stuff won't work as expected.

edit: Yeah I know, I have to investigate this issue tomorrow. I have deactivated account activation via email for now.

If you encounter a bug, please report them either here or on GitHub here which is what I actually prefer :).


PS: There is a demo user available as well.

The credentials are:

  • username: demo
  • password: demo


I finally managed to put a new design on the landing page.

There is still some content missing but I'll gradually add it over the next couple of weeks.
Feel free to help, it is made with lektor and the source is available here.
There is also a new default style for these forums here. It is actually just a clone of the default 'Aurora' theme with a different footer and a additional navigation on top. The source is also available on GitHub.

I'm gone play with the mark_online and get_online_users functions the add the ghost mode there. My first attempt would involve a third list of online users, which are in ghost mode to show them to administrators and moderators as well as to the specific users. Any thoughts about this?

Maybe it might just be enough to add a new setting for the users (and for the admins to enable it globally) and then we could just adapt the query. The guests are displayed only when redis is enabled anyway. What do you think about this?

Yes, that's what I was thinking of. Do you have some hints to do this? From what I have seen, plugins seem to work as additional "page". How would you execute the plugin in topic view to load the user field and display it below the user's avatar?

At the moment they are just used for this because I couldn't think of a better use case. It's no problem to add some hooks/events inside the code.
You could start with a new model which has fields like, 'key' and 'value' or such and just display them on the users page and everywhere you want to display it. For this you probably just need some template events where you add your plugin specific html code. I hope this helps a bit :)

btw, you can disable the online tracking globally if you want - just set "Online last minutes" to 0.

online last minutes

Thanks for your suggestions!

  • is it possible to add attributes to users and display them next to posts and in the user list? Something like name of the pet, hair color of math teacher in the 6th grade or anything like that

You mean additional user fields right? Something like this is not available but I think this can be nicely implemented as a plugin :)

  • is there a way to hide users online status if she/he likes to (some like ghost mode known from other BBs)

Nope, its not possible atm but I'll gladly accept a PR for this! 😃

In the Management view go to the 'Plugins' tab and 'Install' the Portal Plugin. After that you should be able to configure it in the 'Settings' tab :)

starkana wrote:

code text here

Where are the emoticons??!


print "Hello world"

just start typing : and you should be suggested a few emojis already.

for example, : beer : (without the spaces) translates to 🍺