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Hey @sh4anks have you received the pm?

Hey sh4nks,

great! Going to pm you!

Spamers find a way, trust me. If you need some help, just make me a Mod, going to check it frequently.

Best regards

Hey, I did some work on the German translation at Transifex. Before I continue to translate to German, I'd like to get some feedback regarding the platform of Transifex since I am new to it. I don't want to produce more work than necessary.

Btw I can help you to delete spam posts in the community forum since it isn't a problem for me to visit it daily. Just let me know!


I am currently getting started with Flask and FlaskBB looks like a great project I want to contribute to in the near future. It may be a little bit off topic, but can you recommend resources to learn Flask or some tips to share?

Wish you a great day.