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Yes, I meant flaskbb :-). The config is indeed the one I am running flaskbb with. Do you have any suggestion what might be wrong? The page with the error is loading fine so I suppose my Nginx config is not at fault.

Well, It seems that I might have to do some debugging of the flaskbb code and try to find what is wrong.

Ok, I used the --config None option only because it is suggested in the management section of the forum when celery is not running. Now I have celery running as

flask --config flaskbb.cfg celery worker -E

The e-mails arrive, but still the same error 'Your account activation token is invalid.' The activation link looks like:


Well ok, the undelivered e-mails may have been some bug in my postfix conf, but the activation still gives me an error of invalid activation token

Ok, now I have redis + celery running. I run celery with the command

flask --config None celery worker -E

I have installed the forum from scratch. I have standard postfix service running. The activation e-mail from the first registered user arrived, though the activation link did not work (Server error: invalid token). After that activation e-mails stopped arriving at all. Maybe it is because I am using the same e-mail for testing. So I always register a user, if the e-mail does not come in 15 minutes or so, I delete the user and create a new one with the same e-mail. Nevertheless, the first e-mail to the adress arrived ok, but as I said, the link did not work.

I would like to know what is Celery used for? I am running FlaskBB without it and my activation e-mails are being sent, but when I open the link, it says the token is invalid.