A lightweight forum software in Flask
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For some time I was searching for new forum script. Every single solution in PHP was just pile of crap (SMF, myBB, phpBB). I looked in their source code and... OMFG!! This is just Horrible, strange php code and business logic mixed in templates, poor localization based on php arrays and loose variables, templates are just another mess, no OOP, just insane spaghetti where everything is mixed together, where one php block starts in one file and end in another. Where plugins are just snippets replacing core files... This is not even wrong. And after all these years they even didn't learn how to use namespaces or other features that makes script more secure, easy to maintain and handle.

Then I Found FlaskBB, looked at this on Github and I said - Finally someone did it right ! Nice and clean design, easy to use tempting system based on Django template, easy to extend, easy to hack, clean markup, no shity php hacks or custom queries in the middle of template, This is this how it should look like from the beginning.

So I said, this project is definitely worth supporting. I sign in to Transifex and translate whole app to Polish language in 100%. :)

Although this project is very basic and not so feature rich like php scripts with tons of plugins, templates and converters between existing forums and currently not suit my needs. This is something I would like to use in future. So good job ! happy coding and keep going!