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Hexchat for a graphical client. I often just use weechat over SSH on a remote server so I can remain in channels when my laptop is off.

sh4nks wrote:

starkana wrote:

Thanks so much for all your work sh4nks! I decided to learn python and flask for web development. I've been reading over your code to help me learn the language and framework. As well as the many helpful extensions.

I come from a PHP background and lost interest. Python is waaaayyyy cooler. Same applies to flask. Love the framework.

It's completely different developing for the web in Python but I'm getting used to it. 👍


Also are you available on IRC? I'd like to discuss code and ideas with you when you're available.

I am really glad that my code helps you! You may still find some rough edges here and there but I think it's getting better and better 😃.

Unfortunately I am not but I really should get onto IRC. The freenode network is probably the way to go I guess?

Freenode is pretty cool. Met a good friend there 6 years ago. I'm JTL on Freenode as well.

sh4nks wrote:

I have finally figured out a bug which prevent anyone to login 🙈

That's a pretty epic fail :P

Here's the uWSGI emperor config for my FlaskBB fork if anyone cares. Some things edited for clarity. Setting up uWSGI and nginx out of scope. 😆

chdir = /var/flaskbb
uid = flaskbb
gid = flaskbb
socket =
venv = /var/flaskbb/venv/
module = wsgi:flaskbb

Will be testing Tyrant mode later for security reasons.

Very nice!

I think you should work on the new plugin system (https://github.com/sh4nks/flaskbb/issues/183) Then I'd consider porting over some of my forked changes into plugins. 😄

I had pizza for breakfast.

For lunch yesterday I had Mexican rice 😆

FlaskBB works fine with MariaDB (Tested on OS X 10.11)

SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI = 'mysql://root:@localhost:3306/flaskbb' was the only change I needed to do

It goes without saying, don't use a root mysql user in production!