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Hi Sh4nks. I was able to reproduce the error and your co-contributor merged a pull request with my fix yesterday.

However I am getting an issue whereby all of my tokens are showing as invalid. Whatever I do, the links in the the email never work, and always lead back to the verify page on the site and a message saying 'invalid token'. As it works for you i'm guessing this is config rather than a bug. Any ideas of where to look?

Sorry for not replying sooner. I got frustrated with Pythonanywhere and have got a site running on Linode. However I think you answer would have worked

Thanks sh4nks

I have had to drop the project for a few days. Will try again soon

In the docs it suggests creating a virtualenv with Python 2

I installed via the pythonanywhere section, but that suggests Python 3? I'm curious whether that may be contributing to some problems i am seeing. Presuming you developed it on Python 2?

For production I am not going to use pythonanywhere as I want to use Redis, and a different mail server so I could target any version.


you mean you would like a way to install without using the command line?

Yes I set REDIS_ENABLED = False

I ran
flaskbb --config /home/<username>/flaskbb/flaskbb.cfg celery worker

to start celery. Flaskbb is already running. It is live and functions as normal except on the maintenance page it warns that celery is not running. It looks like it is trying to use Redis despite the config?

Hi sh4nks,

Thanks for the reply. That didn't work. Still getting to the http version

Presuming I need celery in order to send emails?

I am using pythonanywhere and since they don't have redis I am trying to configure flaskbb without it. when I try and start celery I get this message.

Cannot connect to amqp://guest:**@ [Errno 111] Connection refused.
Trying again in 16.00 seconds...

I don't know what to do next!
CELERY_BROKER_URL ="" in my config file

This is a great project!

I am having trouble on my site getting https: to be enforced, I wonder if you could help. I have set PREFERRED_URL_SCHEME = "HTTPS". When I click 'Login' I am taken to HTTP version of the login page. If I manually change URL to 'https:' I get to the right page, so https is working, its just the link is going to the http version!

I am using 'Pythonanywhere' so can't do this at webserver level.

Thanks for your help