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I don't think, there is a central repository for plugins yet... :/

I'm not sure, if it is a feature or a bug, but the column with the number of posts gets lost in the mobile view of the member list.

Today we had smashed potato, carrots and fried fish sticks 🐟

Hey there!

As sh4nks pointed out we need longer topics to be sure everything works as it should. Therefore feel free to tell us about your meal! #foodporn

As a beginning I had cream herring with potatoes as well as peas and corn

Another thing I found: If you sort the member list by any value, this sorting is only applied on the first page. If you navigate to the second page, sorting will not be applied, e.g. you can't find the 21st to 40th user sorted by number of posts as the sorting information is not accounted by the render_pagination macro.
I've done some changes to this macro and the memberlist.html template to fix this and will open a PR for this tomorrow I think.
But I have noticed, that there are three different pagination macros which are basically doing the same stuff only with different css properties they default to if non are provided. Is this by design? Cause it doesn't look very DRYish to my.

Hey sh4nks, thx for the fast reply!

I'm gone play with the mark_online and get_online_users functions the add the ghost mode there. My first attempt would involve a third list of online users, which are in ghost mode to show them to administrators and moderators as well as to the specific users. Any thoughts about this?

You mean additional user fields right? Something like this is not available but I think this can be nicely implemented as a plugin :)

Yes, that's what I was thinking of. Do you have some hints to do this? From what I have seen, plugins seem to work as additional "page". How would you execute the plugin in topic view to load the user field and display it below the user's avatar?

Furthermore it looks like my time zone is not considered. Is there a way to change this?

Hi there,

thanks for developing this board! I enjoy Flask and was happy to find a board written in Flask. I have some questions about additional features:

  • is it possible to add attributes to users and display them next to posts and in the user list? Something like name of the pet, hair color of math teacher in the 6th grade or anything like that
  • is there a way to hide users online status if she/he likes to (some like ghost mode known from other BBs)