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We have a group that gathers to frequently but irregularly play pick-up sports, but there's no point in meeting if we don't have a quorum. FlaskBB has features that make me think it is close to what we need to facilitate this.

Could posting topics be easily modified (plug-in?) to really be the creation of a survey by one user proposing a date, (plus a mostly default time and place) to meet, and allow other users to click "Yes" if able to be there? The survey for the topic would be in addition to the message text, which could be blank. And could the topic collate and display the current number of yes responses?

Would you share pointers, hints on how such an enhancement would be done?

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you are talking about something like a poll right? Where one user can create a question with some answers and the other users are able to choose one or more options.

Could you opening a new issue on github? This is something that I have wanted to have in flaskbb for a while already.

Cheers! 🍻