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Nevermind, I missed the part where it talks about using -e command.

This software looks exactly like what I need I commend the ops for a great job. However, I have been trouble creating and installing plugins. I'm sure its' something simple that I'm missing but I find that the software documentation is too fragmented for me to find the missing piece.

Currently I'm looking to develop some plugins both public and private and I can not install them. Firstly, I used cookiecutter to create the plugin template and I tried to put it in several different folders but when I go to install using "flaskbb plugins install my_plugin_name", the Plugin can't be found. I settled on putting it in the same folder as the portal plugin which is in the Venv/Lib/site-packages to no avail. The documentation hasn not been very helpful, is there someone who has done this before that could help, perhaps a Youtube video even? Maybe I'm not installing the plugins in the correct folder, etc... ?

(VenvName) (base) C:\Users\Bobcomp\Desktop\FlaskForumTest\flaskbb>flaskbb plugins install myplugin
error: Plugin myplugin not found.