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I managed to install flaskbb in local (windows 10) and it looks nice.
(i'm new to flask and) I would like to try to debug it with pyCharm so better understand how it is build.
How can I do it?
What would be the script path to put into debug configuration ?

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In case anyone else goes looking. There might be better or more appropriate settings but this is how I got it working with on pyCharm Pro. Also, since wsgi.py has the default config file hardcoded, it doesn't seem to typically matter that you aren't passing it in through the pycharm run/debug configuration.

Edit Configurations... > + > Flask Server

Target Type: Script path
Target: <path to>\flaskbb\wsgi.py
Application: flaskbb
Working Directory: <path to>\flaskbb\ (so the top level folder, not the source folder, that creates import errors associated with modules named 'email')


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Thanks for the info!

btw, you could also create your own "wsgi.py" file and point your configuration to it.