A lightweight forum software in Flask
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Awesome work on this exceptional forum software. I find myself having a lot of fun playing around flask and definitely this is what I wanted to kickstart my small pet project.

I wanted to ask you thought, I've seen that you have an option for using postgres instead of sqlite, what are the pros and cons?

When it comes to me, I think as sqlite wouldn't really be a viable option for a forum software. But then is postgres an overkill as well?

How well would the forum integrate with something like mariadb ?


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Thanks! Glad you like it.

Why should Postgres be an overkill?

I actually prefer postgres over MariaDB/MySQL.

But of course you can use MariaDB as the database engine for FlaskBB and you won't even feel difference.
You just have to adjust the database settings in the config file. (if you do so, could you post the config here so that i can add it to the docs?)

Hope this helps a bit.

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MongoDB is definitely the db of the future, why not using it ? :)

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FlaskBB works fine with MariaDB (Tested on OS X 10.11)

SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI = 'mysql://root:@localhost:3306/flaskbb' was the only change I needed to do

It goes without saying, don't use a root mysql user in production!